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Christie electric garden grill cook top, outdoor BBQ
Christie electric garden grill cook top, outdoor BBQ
547 EUR+VAT = 695 EUR

Christie electric garden grill cook top, outdoor BBQ

Christie electric garden grill cook top, outdoor BBQ
Christie electric garden grill cook top, outdoor BBQ
Christie electric garden grill cook top, outdoor BBQ

Christie electric garden grill, outdoor BBQ

Christie electric garden grill cook tops are premium, stand-alone outdoor cookers that can be ordered with our prefabricated, built-in products.

The device is available as a modular, A-series accessible solution or can be integrated into any individual structure that meets the relevant safety regulations.

The Christie electric garden grill and barbecue is specifically designed for community use: it is easy to maintain, robust and easy to handle.

With this electric grill, pressing a single button will start the cooking cycle, which will end after the factory-set time or by pressing the button again. From the Danish winter to the Australian summer, it holds its place everywhere. Cost-effective and easy to install, yet extremely rugged, safe and low-maintenance, it can be installed almost anywhere.

DA Christie
19 kg
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547 EUR+VAT = 695 EUR


In contrast to models designed for home or restaurant use, they are designed for outstanding performance and continuous operation throughout the day for many years.

Even with special weather conditions and demanding “less careful” users. Strong enough to fry large amounts of raw materials quickly and energy-efficiently. The surface of the appliance's hygienic, corrosion-resistant steel oven is controlled by the latest digital technology.

Safety and Hygiene

We considered safety issues to be paramount in the development of the community barbecue.

In addition to the prevention of burns and forest fires, food safety issues were given priority. Every Christie barbecue has security solutions we have developed and patented; the automatic disinfection cycle of the baking surface kills all bacteria. The multi-purpose control button is difficult for children to access and could not be easier to operate. Changes in operating modes are accompanied by an audible signal so that the user can follow the operation of the machine. To prevent accidental switching on, the control button must be pressed for 6 seconds to switch on.

The first Christie electric garden grill and barbecue equipment in Hungary
Our first electric garden grill in Hungary is located in Marina Port in Balatonkenese.

Here we installed an Aztec silver-colored, Modular 2, one-baked barbecue in 90 minutes.

It fits perfectly into the most beautiful port of Lake Balaton and is an excellent opportunity to facilitate the daily barbecuing of sailors and their guests who like to cook.

Of course, the price was inaugurated on the first day with a joint festive baking. Fantastic tastes, nice location, super people. It was a good party, thank you Marina Port!

The main features of the electric grill

Mono-pressed marine-grade stainless steel hob with high contact element for exceptional heat dissipation and easy cleaning
3.5 kW, high efficiency design, designed for repetition and continuous cooking
Unique sterilization cycle for perfect cooking safety and hygiene
Extremely responsive microprocessor and control program that accurately maintains optimum cooking temperature while saving energy
Intelligent self-diagnosis with error codes and flashing alerts
The aluminum shield reflects 80% of the radiant energy back to the hob from below
Fast, low-cost “plug and play” installation for ease of installation and service
Guaranteed parts supply and dedicated service support throughout Europe

Technical details

  • dimensions: L60cm x W60cm x H23cm
  • power: 3.5 kW
  • weight: 19 kg


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