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Electric garden grill for parks

Electric grill for parks

Elektromos grill, grillsütő parkokba

As a result of the continuous development of DA Christie, he has created an outstanding electric grill and grilling technology. The DA Christie CC2 electric grill model is the best energy-efficient and long-lasting appliance that won the Good Design Award in 2016.

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Electric grill for community grilling in parks.

DA Christie’s electric grill is home to more and more different community locations in Australia. The basic business advantage and approach is to have one more attractive service for the crowd at a given location, be it:

  1. park,
  2. condominium,
  3. beach,
  4. playground,
  5. hotel,
  6. emping,
  7. college,
  8. you are a port
  9. premium homes.

Community barbecue has a lot of advantages in the program offerings that the place has to offer. As it also pleasantly boosts the leisure program of small, medium and large companies, it is an attractive idea to organize joint programs. Safe grilling without a fire is a suitable solution for everyone, with which we can provide this super service all year round. It is simple to use, safe, easy to maintain, and can be offered on-demand, but it can also be arranged to be booked and paid for in an application, or e.g. to be used in the condominium's own system based on appointments.

Here are some examples from DA Christie’s Australian electric barbecue projects.

Artarmon Park - Sydney

Elektromos grill parkokba

Artarmon Park in Sydney is the perfect place to spend a warm day with the family. This 10-hectare, preserved scrub reserve features typical local flora, as well as many playgrounds and sports facilities.

The playground features flying foxes, huge quay slides, spinning, climbing structures, a sandpit, trampolines and swings.

On the sports side there is a cricket court, a basketball court, as well as a sports pavilion and playgrounds open seasonally for sports groups and schools.

In addition to sports activities, there are walking paths, accessible irrigation stations and a barbecue grill in the accessible Christie Park with free picnics.

It's worth watching a video of the project.


Biddigal marine walk park

Biddigal Park, along with the iconic Bondi Park, beach and pavilions, is an internationally renowned recreational destination.

In addition to the famous beach and promenade, visitors can enjoy a number of facilities, including a skateboard park, playground, fitness center, picnic areas, Wally Weeks Tidal Pool and a children’s paddling pool.

To meet the demands of the sea location and heavy use, the Waverley Council has upgraded the hugely popular barbecue with our A-Series cabinets and Christie CC2i Smart Barbecue electric grills. With the GoACCESS online platform, Waverley Council can monitor real-time usage, receive instant error alerts, and set up proper maintenance and cleaning schedules to ensure the best possible facilities and user experience.

It's worth watching a video of the project.


Hercegnő Park

A Princes Gardens egy zöld oázis a kikapcsolódásra, pihenésre és szórakozásra, közvetlenül a nyüzsgő Prahran Chapel Street mellett. A fantasztikus célpark nyitott terű létesítményeket kínál, amelyek biztonságosak, változatosak és befogadóak, hozzájárulva egy egészséges és élénk közösséghez.

Az aktív helyiek körében népszerű kertben gördeszkapark, teniszpályák, szabadtéri kosárlabdapálya, játszótér, árnyékos területek, bőséges pázsit és grillező található. Az újonnan telepített Christie grillező menedékszerkezeteket, ülőbútorokat és asztalokat foglal magában, jól látható és központi helyen, közel a meglévő játszótérhez.

Érdemes megnézni a projektről készült videót.


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